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Clearing your browser’s cache & cookies

If you are having trouble accessing LaunchSMS, or your messenger or other LaunchSMS screens seem slow to load, you may have a cache and/or cookie issue on your browser. Web browsers often save images and other files when you visit a website in order to make subsequent visits faster, however, these files may not always be up to date and can cause problems logging in or rendering assets on the website. An excellent first troubleshooting step is clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and logging into LaunchSMS again.

Note: After you clear your browser’s cache and cookies, you will be signing out of any website you were logged into, you will need to sign in again. Please make sure to save any work you have going on in those websites before clearing your cache and cookies or you risk losing any work you may have been doing.

Follow this link on how you can clear your cache on some of the more popular browsers:

Updated on June 21, 2022

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