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How to bulk upload contacts into the LaunchSMS CRM

The LaunchSMS CRM Contacts Bulk upload feature is an easy-to-use tool to effectively manage your contacts within the platform.

How to locate the CRM

You can go to the CRM by clicking on the “People” link in the main navigation

People link in the main LaunchSMS nav

To Bulk upload contacts

Once you have made it to the CRM screen identify the Upload Bulk Contact button on the top left.

Click Upload Bulk Contact

Click on Download sample file

The sample file will contain the following cell headers:

  • Name – The name of the contact
  • Email – The email address of the contact
  • Mobile – The mobile number of the contact (please note the syntax of the phone number, it must be followed)
  • Tags – Any tag(s) you would want to be associated with each contact.
  • Note – Any note you would want to be associated with each contact.
  • Title – The business title of the contact (CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, etc)
  • Business Name – The business name of the contact
  • Street Address One – The address of the contact (233 Main Street)
  • Street Address Two – The secondary address of the contact (suite #, apt #, etc)
  • City – The city of the contact
  • State Province – The State of the contact
  • Zip – The zip code of the contact

Use the recently downloaded sample file to create your contacts file.

Next, go back to the Upload Contacts pop-up and upload your recently created contacts file.

Click Upload

Your recently uploaded list of contacts will appear in your contacts list.

If you intend on using this list of contacts to send SMS Campaigns please make sure of the following:

1. The contacts have given you explicit permission to send them marketing-related SMS/MMS messages.
2. You have associated a tag or group of tags to your contacts upload so you can segment your audience when creating your message.

Updated on August 11, 2022

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