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Release Notes LSMS-1.3

About this release

This release will cover several new features, updates, and fixes to the LaunchSMS desktop app.


Desktop UI v2

  • The desktop app has undergone a major UI overhaul. From top to bottom we’ve improved the main navigation flow as well as the admin settings.
  • Improvements to the main data dashboard make it easier for users to consume data.

Review Module v2

  • The LaunchSMS Review form has been completed updated from v1. Contacts will no longer receive a form that includes confusing review links and then a form. Instead contacts will receive a simple interface that allows clients to swipe through the different review aggregators for selection.
  • Contacts will also receive a CTA image accompany all LaunchSMS review links. Companies can update this image to anything they would like.

Agency Module

  • The agency module has been created to support onboarding additional agencies into LaunchSMS

Workflow Tags

  • Customer Workflow Tags module has been included to categorize customers

CRM v1

  • CRM v1 has been added to the LaunchSMS Messenger on the desktop app. This will allow agents to include additional information about an individual contact.

Zapier Integrations

Preliminary Zapier Integrations have been created for the following:

  • LaunchSMS Reviews – Now LaunchSMS Reviews can be sent by connecting a trigger.
  • LaunchSMS Incoming Messages – Messages from other sources can now be pushed into the LaunchSMS platform for engagement.
  • LaunchSMS Outgoing Messages – Messages from out of LaunchSMS can now be pushed into other platforms.
Updated on December 1, 2021

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