How to connect Google Business Profile

With LaunchSMS, you can connect different channels to give your company a competitive edge to get more leads and generate additional sales. Now you can integrate your Google My Business account to LaunchSMS for a seamless integration that sends Google Business Profile Reviews directly into LaunchSMS.

To connect your Google Business Profile account to LaunchSMS follow these steps:

Log into LaunchSMS and navigate to Admin > Integrations and click the Google Business Profile Integrations box. Then click “Connect New Google Account”.

You’ll be redirected to a Google authorization page, where you will select the Google account that manages your company’s Google Business Profile page.

Next, confirm that you would like to grant access to LaunchSMS.

Next, select the GBP profile you would like to add by selecting the account and location on the LaunchSMS dashboard

When successful you will see some of your Business’s Google Business Profile details on the Integrations page.

Now you will be able to manage your Google Business Profile Reviews directly on the LaunchSMS dashboard!

Updated on November 30, 2021

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