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How to send HomeAdvisor Leads into LaunchSMS using Zapier

In this article, we help you integrate your HomeAdvisor leads into LaunchSMS!

First, go to Zapier.com and sign up for a PRO account

You must have a PRO account with Zapier in order to activate this feature.

You will need to be invited to use the LaunchSMS Zapier Zaps.

Step 1: Locate the generated Custom Webhook URL after hitting “Continue” and “Copy” the URL

Step 2: Send the following EMAIL to Crmintegrations@homeadvisor.com

Email Subject: CRM Integration Webhook


My name is (Insert your first and last name here) and my company is (Insert your company name here) and our Account Number is (Insert company Home Advisor account number here)

Please use the following url as the testing endpoint URL and Production Endpoint URL for your HTTP post feed of new leads for my HomeAdvisor account (Insert Copied Webhook URL here)

Step 3: Wait for a reply from HomeAdvisor’s Integration Team

Step 4: Return to the original Zap you created and test the Trigger. Select a Request to pull in data for the Action.

Zapier may not find the request. THIS IS NORMAL. You can skip the test and move on to the next step. A sample of the HomeAdvisor Leads payload has been included below for reference.

{"name":"Ean Hatcher","firstName":"Ean","lastName":"Hatcher","address":"8708 SW 4th St Ct","city":"Lees Summit","stateProvince":"MO","postalCode":"64064","primaryPhone":"8167881117","secondaryPhone":null,"email":"ean1879@comcast.net","srOid":249097454,"leadOid":507752007,"fee":14.19,"taskName":"Gas Piping","comments":"Customer did not provide additional comments.  Please contact the customer to discuss the details of this project.","matchType":"market","leadDescription":"Job Opportunity","spEntityId":98749246,"spCompanyName":"LBA Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing Inc.","interview":[{"question":"Is this an emergency?","answer":"No"},{"question":"Scope of Work","answer":"No"},{"question":"Appliances in Need of Gas","answer":"No"},{"question":"Request Stage","answer":"Ready to Hire"},{"question":"Desired Completion Date","answer":"Timing is flexible"},{"question":"Location","answer":"Home/Residence"},{"question":"Property Owner","answer":"Yes"},{"question":"After Business Hours","answer":"No"}]}

Step 5: Locate LaunchSMS on Zapier as the Action & Send Message to LaunchSMS

Step 6: Set up the corresponding values & test the action – this will send a Lead to LaunchSMS under the “Unread” message tab.

If you need help setting this up, please submit a support ticket or email support@launchsms.com

Updated on August 23, 2022

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