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Campaigns Overview


Campaigns help you create and send promotional messages to customers who are interested in hearing from you and have provided prior consent to receive marketing messages via SMS/MMS. You may want to use campaigns to give discounts, coupons or promote sales or a new product.

LaunchSMS Campaign Creator

Marketing messages via SMS/MMS can be a great tool to add to your marketing plan, however, you must make sure your campaign meets all requirements applicable by law and regulations (TCPA, CAN-SPAM Act) or you could be subject to fines, penalties or other legal action.

Getting Started

Launching a campaign is easy, using our step-by-step process will help you be more strategic in your overall SMS marketing strategy.

  1. Set up a campaign.
  2. Select the audience to send the campaign to.
  3. Compose your message.
  4. Send your message
Updated on June 21, 2022

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