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Creating Scheduled SMS Campaigns

A LaunchSMS campaign is a marketing promotion sent via text. Campaigns should only be sent to audiences that have already consented to receive marketing messages from your business. To view your consented audience you can click on “People” in the main navigation.

1. To send out a campaign, first navigate to Marketing in the main nav.

2. Click + Add SMS Campaign

3. Choose from sending a one-time bulk message or a scheduled message

4. Enter a unique name for this campaign in this campaign in the top text input.

5. Give your campaign a description. This is not a required step.

6. To select an audience, click on the audience selection options.

Select from:

  • Contacts – Users can select specific contacts to send the message to.
  • Tags – Select from tags that you’ve applied to contacts.
  • CSV List – Manually upload a marketing list of contacts who have subscribed to your text promotions.

7. Enter your delivery date and time.

8 Time to compose your message.

a. Type your message into the text box. As you type, a preview of the text will appear to the right.

b. In your message, you can add links, images, and personalized content (contact name, etc). If you have already created templated messages you can add them from here.

9. Once you’re done composing your message, you can launch your campaign by clicking Send!

Updated on June 21, 2022

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