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Issuing Refunds

Occasionally you will need to give refunds. We’ve made it easy for you to provide refunds for customers who may have had issues with services being offered, or a product not being received.

To issue a refund:

Navigate to the admin settings located in the main navigation

Make your way to Payments in the sidebar menu and click Payment Activity

Click the More options menu next to the payment you want to issue a refund for.

Click Refund

The full amount of the payment is automatically entered into the refund. If you need to make a partial refund, you can change the amount.

Select the reason for the refund

You can add details about why the refund is being issued

Click Send Refund

The payment’s status will change to “Refunded.” LaunchSMS sends a text message to the customer telling them that a refund has been issued, including how much the refund is.

Updated on July 18, 2022

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