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Payments Overview

Using LaunchSMS Payments, you can request and receive payments using text messages instead of using more traditional methods like email, mail, and invoices. Payments sent over text have a much higher response rate.

Designed to reduce friction

Your customers can breeze through the checkout process by making it easy for them to input and reuse their payment information and by helping them spot errors in real-time.

  • Address auto-complete
  • 1-click payments
  • Real-time card validation
  • Descriptive error messages
  • Card Brand Identification
  • Adjustable quantities

Optimized for any device

Provide an optimal experience across any SMS-capable mobile device, and offer Apple Pay and Google Pay out of the box.

Quick Start Tutorials

Setting up LaunchSMS Payments: In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basic settings of your LaunchSMS Payments account, which involves setting up Stripe, collecting Test and Live environment keys, and more.

Setting up Products: This tutorial will cover how to properly set up Products and Subscriptions.

Sending Payment Requests: Here you will learn how to send payment requests through the desktop application.

How it works

Here are a few more details about LaunchSMS Payments

Payment methods: Make payments as flexible as possible by offering ACH, Credit, and Debit cards as well as Google Pay, and Android Pay.

Pricing and fees: LaunchSMS Payments is a free service with the use of the LaunchSMS platform. You are charged transaction fees of 2.9% + .30 per successful card charge.

Security: Using our integration with Stripe, built-in fraud protection and PCI compliance are built automatically into LaunchSMS Payments.

Updated on July 18, 2022

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