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LaunchSMS Best Practices

Research shows that the amount of consumers that would prefer to communicate via text rather than live chat is continuing to grow. Capture important customer information and allow your customers to take the confirmation anywhere they are. Here are some tips to make the most out of LaunchSMS.

1. Compose a simple/impactful call to action message
The first interaction your customers will have with Rocket Chat is the auto prompt message that appears in the chat bubble. Make sure that the message lets consumers know you are available and are willing to help immediately.
2. Choose colors that will make your LaunchSMS chat widget stand out
Make sure that you select colors that will help LaunchSMS Chat stand out on your website. Without sacrificing your brand colors you want your chat widget to not get lost on your website.
3. Make sure you have someone to respond to messages quickly
Don’t keep your consumers waiting, research shows that the faster you can respond to a prospect the higher likelihood you are to convert them to a customer.
4. Respond professionally and politely
Keep conversations with your consumers professional. Adding a little personality to your messages helps your consumers feel like they are not speaking to a robot. Most of all being polite is the most important thing you can do when communicating with consumers.
5. Make it known to your customers that you can communicate via text message.
If you want your customers to know that you can communicate via text message then make sure that you use the LaunchSMS Webchat widget. Also, place your LaunchSMS number in prominent highly visible areas with clear calls to action letting your customers know that number can receive text messages. If you are worried about customers calling that number that’s OK too. Simply reach out to your LaunchSMS Client Success Manager and we can set up your number to be forwarded to any phone number of your choosing.
6. Add as many communication channels as possible.
Your agents will be more efficient with every communication channel you add. With most of your customer interaction happening from one location your agents can respond faster to customer inquiries, generating more sales and improving customer satisfaction.
7. Keep it simple, direct, polite, and consistent
Make sure every customer interaction counts by keeping your communication with them simple. Sending long elaborate messages may confuse a customer and lead to more communications between you and that customer than necessary. Be direct in your messaging as to remove any possible ambiguity from the conversation, but becare to not come off like a robot. Your customers want to know that their concerns are being attended to. Finding the balance between being direct and being polite is critical to effective SMS communication with your customers.

The best way to make sure you are having a consistent communication style with all of your customers is to use the Quick SMS Templates in LaunchSMS. There, you can tailor responses to some of the most frequently asked questions from your customers. Not only will this help you avoid spelling and grammatical errors but it will also increase your agent’s speed and efficiency when communicating with your customers.

Here are a few templates you can use to respond to your customers:

Business hours: We are open from. You can click on this link for driving directions:

Pricing w/link: Thanks for contacting us! Here is a link to the pricing page. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Pricing generic: Thanks for contacting us! Our pricing varies depending on the specific need(s) that you may have. Can you tell me more about what is going on?

Driving directions: Our address is. You can click on this link for driving directions:

– Asking for a review: Hi {{contactname}}. We value you as a customer and appreciate your trust in our services! Can you spare 1 minute to leave us a review?

– Thanking them for their business: Thanks so much for the review {{contactname}}. Feel free to spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors. If you ever need us again call
Updated on January 17, 2022

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