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Onboarding Guide – FAQ

What do I need to get started?
Either you or your account representative will have to create an account. Please check your email, click the link and create a password. When you access LaunchPad, you’ll need your company’s basic details. The quick business setup guide helps you enter:

The company name, Street Address, City, State, ZIP code, Country, Phone Number, Website URL, Business Type, Company Logo, Pricing, and Timezone.

If you are a self serve customer you will need to enter the credit card information you’ll use to pay for your monthly ServiceTitan services.
What if I don’t have all that information?
Don’t worry. Add as much information as you know to continue. If you want to add more later, you can do that in LaunchSMS at any time.
How long will this take?
This setup guide should take as little as 30 minutes and as long as 1 hour. The time will depend on the size of your business and the processes you may already have in place.
What if I want to bypass the guide to get to my LaunchSMS account?
To ensure you have a seamless experience when you first use LaunchSMS, we require businesses to enter their basic information using this guide. Once you complete the steps, you can access LaunchSMS and see your account. You don’t have to add everything —just enter what you know. You can always add or edit later in LaunchSMS.
Can more than one person work on the guide at the same time?
Yes, however, it is not recommended. Only one person can access an individual step without the possibility of another user overwriting them.

LaunchSMS Knowledge Base

What if my information is incorrect?
No problem. You can review the information as you go and edit as needed within the setup guide. Once you complete the guide, you can correct any mistakes and edit directly within LaunchSMS.
What if I have multiple locations?
Currently, LaunchSMS does not support multiple locations. If you have multiple locations please reach out to us.
What is this “SMS Phone Number” field
The SMS Phone Number field is the most important field within LaunchSMS. Since LaunchSMS is SMS/MMS based a phone number must be provisioned though the LaunchSMS tool in order for the product to work.
Can I use my own SMS/MMS enabled phone number?
Unfortunately not. Our phone numbers are provisioned using additional software that is 100% compatible to LaunchSMS. We cannot guarantee that LaunchSMS will work if you use another SMS/MMS capable phone number.
What happens when someone calls my LaunchSMS number?
When someone tries to call your LaunchSMS SMS number, that call will be forwarded to the number associated with your Google listing, CRM campaign, or any other voice-enabled phone number you provide.

This feature is currently in beta. If you would like to participate, please contact us.


How do I know my credit card information is secure?
LaunchSMS cannot see or access the credit card information you provide, and uses Stripe, an industry leading, super secure payment processor to handle all connections, and payments. For more information on how Stripe keeps your bank information safe, review their security policies.

What’s next?

How do I go live?
Once you’ve finished adding your company profile information, as well as the steps in LaunchPad. You’ll be ready to add the LaunchSMS widget to your website as well as connect to any of our third party integrations for a successful LaunchSMS launch.
Updated on June 20, 2022

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