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Payments Setup

LaunchSMS Payments using our integration with the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe has provided quite a bit of documentation to get you up and running on their platform.

Stripe Setup

This video demonstrates the steps you go through to create a new account or connect an existing Stripe account to your platform.

Verification follow-ups

Once you’ve created or connected an account, Stripe will verify your business information and approve your account, usually within a few minutes of submission. If Stripe cannot verify your business information successfully, they will inform you both by email and in your Stripe Dashboard. This video demonstrates how to check your verification status and how to respond to further requests for information.

Managing your account

This video demonstrates common account management tasks: changing your password, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), setting your email preferences, updating your profile, and how to close an account.

  1. Getting started with Stripe: plan your Stripe account
  2. Getting started with Stripe: create or connect an account
  3. Getting started with Stripe: explore Stripe
  4. Getting started with Stripe: payments and payouts
  5. Getting started with Stripe: financial reports
  6. Getting started with Stripe: fraud and disputes

LaunchSMS Setup

Once you have a Stripe account, setting up LaunchSMS Payments is fast and easy.

Here are some prerequisite pieces of information you will need:

  1. Access to your Stripe account with at least a developer administrative level.
  2. Stripe API Test and Live Key and Secret tokens.

Once you have this information you can proceed.

Navigate towards the admin settings in the main navigation

Next, locate the Payments link on the sidebar menu and click Payment Settings

Now, head back to Stripe and get your test and live Publishable and Secret keys, you will need to add them to here:

You can test your connection by clicking on the Check Connection button

Next, enter the URL you would like to send your customers to after a successful transaction has been placed.

Now, select the currency you would like to receive payment in.

Show Balance As Outstanding After Days: Payment activity is broken up into two categories

  • Payments that have been sent and may or may not have recent activity on them
  • Payments that are considered Outstanding because they have not been paid after a certain amount of days.

Users can select how many days from the day the initial payment request is sent to have those payment requests go into the Outstanding Balances list.

Live/Test Mode Toggle

Users can choose to start using Payments in a test or live mode using this toggle. Below are some use cases:

Test modeUse this mode as you build your products, and or services, and coupons. Payments are not processed by card networks or payment providers.API calls return simulated account, payment, customer, charge, refund, transfer, balance, and subscription.Use test credit cards and accounts. Don’t use actual payment authorizations, charges, or captures.Identity doesn’t perform any verification checks. Connect account objects don’t return sensitive fields.
Live modeUse this mode when you’re ready to launch your app. Card networks or payment providers process payments.API calls return actual account, payment, customer, charge, refund, transfer, balance, and subscription objects.Use valid credit cards and accounts. Use actual payment authorizations, charges, and captures for credit cards and accounts.Disputes have a more nuanced flow and a simpler testing process. Some Sources payment methods have a more nuanced flow and require more steps.
Updated on July 18, 2022

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