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Products and Subscriptions Setup

Products are a core service for LaunchSMS Payments. Products define what your business offers, whether they are goods or services. Prices for your products define how much and how often to charge for products.

Products and pricing are created using the LaunchSMS desktop app. After you create products and prices, you can use them to send LaunchSMS Payment requests in the messenger.

What is a product?

Products are specific goods and services you offer to your customers.

  • If you are an e-commerce store selling clothes, one of your products might be a large black t-shirt. In LaunchSMS Products you would create a separate product for each size and color combination
  • If you are a SaaS platform, you might have Good, Better, Best tiers. In this case, both basic and premium are separate products because they typically offer unique features.
  • If you are a service-based business, you may have different services you offer. In this case, you would have a product for every service you offer.

How to create a Product.

Navigate to the admin settings in the main navigation

Make your way to Products in the sidebar navigation, click and select Products.

Next, click + Add Product on the top right-hand side of the page.

You should be on the Create a Product page.

Next, you will begin to enter the information about the product.

  • Name: The name of the product
  • Price: The price of the product
  • Image: Select the image of your product
  • Product Description: Enter in details about your product
  • Is recurring: If your product is a service or has a subscription you can turn this on.
  • Billing Interval: If you selected your product to be recurring you will need to select how often you want to bill for this product.

If creating a recurring product make sure that your product price is whatever the amount will be per billing period. For example, if you have a product that costs 120/year but has the product set to recurring and billing every month then your price should be $10.

Updated on July 18, 2022

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