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Release Notes LSMS-1.1

About this release

This release includes many new features including integrations with Facebook, Messenger, and Google Business Profile Review management. Creation of the LaunchSMS API. Last but not least is the introduction of our mobile app!


Review Aggregation Module:

  • Companies can now send review requests text messages to their contacts using the LaunchSMS dashboard. Companies will need to setup the review sites they would like to send to their contacts before sending the SMS based URL.

LaunchSMS App on Apple iOS and Google Android

  • Users can now download the LaunchSMS app on their preferred iOS and/or Android devices.
  • You can now receive notifications on your devices when new messages come in and respond directly on the app.
  • Quick SMS Templates have also been included in the app for quick responses.

Facebook Integrations

  • Companies can now connect their business facebook accounts with LaunchSMS to view Reviews placed directly on facebook.
  • Companies can also connect their facebook messenger directly into LaunchSMS so any customer interaction via facebook messenger can be managed directly through the LaunchSMS messenger dashboard

Google Business Profile Integration

  • Google Business Profile reviews can also be viewed, and responded to directly in the dashboard

Yelp Integration

  • Companies can now connect their business Yelp accounts with LaunchSMS to view Reviews placed directly on Yelp.

LaunchSMS API v1.0

  • We’re excited to announce the creation of the LaunchSMS API.


Messenger UI

  • You’ll see a significant change in the appearance of the messenger. These updates create a more efficient transition from initial customer identification, to engagement.
  • Quick SMS Templates have been added to the top of the message bar for ease of use.
  • Icons for Quick SMS Templates, Reviews, and Attachements have been added directly in the message bar.



  • Sensative information is no longer being stored in the LaunchSMS dashboard. All sensative information that was stored has been securly purged from the database.
Updated on November 9, 2022

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