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Release Notes LSMS-2

About this release

This release will cover UI changes to the mobile app on iOS and Android. Updates to CRM Reports module, Messenger UI, and autoresponder. As well as several bug fixes.


Messenger UI

  • Read, Unread and Archived Tabs have been added to the messenger UI for efficient access by agents.
  • Archived messages can now be seen without having to unarchive them.

Mobile App v2

  • Mobile App UI has been updated to include notification icons for unread messages.
  • Read, Unread tabs have been added for easy distinction between messages.
  • Dark Mode has been added.
  • Message avatars have been updated to include a contacts initials.
  • Create a new message has been relocated to match the native UI of SMS/MMS messaging.


  • Lost Leads Report – This report will display contacts that were not converted into leads by agents.

Autoreponder SMS Notifications

  • Contacts will now receive an SMS notification displaying a companies off-hours autoresponse message when sending requests outside of a companies business hours. Companies can also configure this to send autoreponder messages during business hours.

CRM v2

  • The “People” navigation has been added to main navigation for easy access to the new CRM. From their LaunchSMS users can view, edit, delete their existing contacts.
  • Companies list has also been created allowing users to create companies for their contacts and associating those companies with contacts.



  • All reports have been updated to Reporting Module 2.0.



  • Reports were not displaying accurate data in the live dashboard. Reporting module v2 corrects that.


  • Billing has been moved off the agent user level. Billing is now at the company level only and only company admins can access it.

User Permission Settings

  • This release corrects a bug that was not having Company Admin changes appearing or affecting the Company.


  • Corrects issue with Unread tab showing read messages until read tab selected.
Updated on December 7, 2021

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