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This tutorial assumes that you are already using Google Analytics on your website and are familiar with its basic functionality. The LaunchSMS + Google Analytics integration lets you track chat events on your website. This data can be useful to help you measure how LaunchSMS is affecting your website.

This article assumes that you are using the Google Analytics GTAG tracking method and that you have it on your website or added it to the Google Analytics area in the LaunchSMS Communications section. LaunchSMS > Admin > Communications

If you are already using Google Analytics’s gtag.js on your website, you will not need to add the gtag.js script in LaunchSMS.

How to see Events in Google Analytics

You can see events in Google Analytics in your Events tab:

Events we send to Google Analytics

LaunchSMS sends two events to Google Analytics:

  • Chat Bubble Opened
  • Conversation Started

Chat Bubble Opened fires when a customer has clicked on the LaunchSMS chat bubble.
Conversation Started fires when a customer has successfully submitted a chat request using LaunchSMS.

Updated on December 1, 2021

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